The Richest Non Profit Organizations

When people talk about nonprofit organizations, the first thing that comes to mind is organizations that are struggling to make ends meet, feeding the poor and doing charitable things. Even if this is not the case, you’d be surprised at some of the budgets some NPOs have. They are not the little organization round the corner any longer, but global organizations that aim to provide certain services to the public. Here is a list of the top richest NPOs in the world today.

  • YMCA

YMCAYou’ve heard about the YMCA in the song made famous by the band ‘The Village People’ and you’ve perhaps stayed at one at least once during your lifetime. But this is more than just a hostel for youth – the Young Men’s Christian Association was founded over 170 years ago with the aim to promote Christian values to young boys through various community programs. Although the Association has moved to a more secular model, the YMCA provides services which range from sports, training, immigrant services as well as youth engagement. With an operating budget of $5,986,057,000, this organization is one of the most powerful organizations on Earth.

  • Goodwill Industries International

3C1293D5-1B78-7B0F-4E78E1107F00A8B9This is considered to be one of the most famous charitable organizations on Earth and with an annual budget of $4,436,965,145; Goodwill is also one of the largest. It uses 82% of its revenue for providing various services like employment training, rehabilitation of war vets, helping out those with mental and physical disabilities and more. Originally started by the Reverend Edgar J. Helms in 1902 in Boston, it has moved away from its Christian beginnings to a more secular working model and also operates thrift stores, giving employment to those who have difficulty finding jobs elsewhere.

  • Catholic Charities

This may not grab the headlines or be as recognizable as the other names, but Catholic Charities is widespread all over America and has a budget of $4.4 billion, of which nearly half comes from federal funding. It employs over 65 thousand people and serves over 9 million needy individuals annually through its services to ‘Reduce Poverty in America’.

  • United Way

Different from other NPOs in the sense that it does not have any one main focus, United Way operates thousands of branches all globally and those branches help to address the needs of the particular area and community. Primarily focusing on family support, health care, financial aid and children’s services, United Way has an operating budget of nearly $4.1 billion and is considered to be one of the most organized NPOs around.

  • The American Red Cross

m6240149_514x260-int-disaster-respondersWe’ve all heard of it and many of us are aware of what they do. This charitable organization was founded in 1881 and now is heavily involved in community services for low income people, educational programs, distribution and collection of blood from donors and much more. This well known organization has its presence in most national disaster sites worldwide and has an annual operating budget of $3.45 billion.

  • The Salvation Army

We’ve all seen the stores in every town and you may be mistaken into thinking that they are just a bunch of thrift stores catering to the middle class. It actually started out as a spiritual quasi-military that had an aim to bring salvation to the poor and needy. It has since grown into an organization that brings disaster relief and aid to calamity torn countries, running homeless shelters, running thrift stores. It has global membership of over 1.5million people and has an annual operating budget of almost $3.2 billion.

I was never the do good for people kind of person. Call me selfish, but I always believed it was a ‘Man eats Man’ kind of world. Survival of the fittest, you know? I worked in the world of finance and it was great. Action, deals that changed hands and banks that could make the annual budgets of many companies look like peanuts – I was proud of what I did and I couldn’t see myself in any other role but the one I had.

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